5 KEY IOS APPS (that you don’t know about)

Google News

I found it SO hard to find the right app for news as I didn’t like only getting news from one source- then I found google news! This app is great for having different news outlets in one place and getting both local news and international news. You can also choose which categories of news you want to see.

tip: Make sure your always changing up your sources to get a rounded view of events.


Flip I get annoyed when I’ve forgotten my loyalty card when purchasing something, gotta save every cent. Stocard fixes that problem! You simply take pics of the cards barcodes and it saves it so you can us this app instead of the cards and save space in your wallet.


Libby is a super handy app that makes it easy to get access to your local library’s Ebooks. 10/10. Simple as that.

A+ Grades – grades calculator, GPA

This one is for uni students, especially if your bad at maths, like me. Basically you input what grades you get for each assignment and it calculates how well you have to do in future assignments to get the overall grade you want. It also calculates your GPA. Get on that study grind, get the app.

Google Keep

This notes app by Google is KEY for those of us who learn (or remember?) better visually. Think post it notes to get an idea of google keep’s layout. This allows you to change each notes colour and it’s super handy to keep timetables and important images easy to access. Way better than the default apple notes.

Comment below apps you find handy 👍🏻

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